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Training Delivery during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Delivery of face to face training has obviously not been possible over the past three months however we have been busy developing and delivering on-line learning for existing clients using a variety of portals.  
Early feedback has been very positive and if you would like details of the programmes available in this format please give us a call or send an email.
As businesses start to return to previous operating practices we have developed a series of protocols that will enable our trainers to comply with social distancing rules.  As the safety of clients and trainers is paramount these protocols include:

  1. Trainers following all infection control guidelines 
  2. Trainers carrying and using sanitiser – and wearing PPE if required
  3. Electronic Registration to avoid the use of paperwork 
  4. Trainers ensuring that room layouts comply with Social Distancing requirements
  5. Clients being encouraged to provide antiseptic wipes for cleaning of surfaces/ equipment etc
  6. Candidates being encouraged bring their own refreshments – tea, coffee,lunch etc

All procedures will be discussed in full with clients prior to a booking being confirmed.   
If you are considering training delivery at any time soon please get in touch so that we can discuss your specific requirements. 0333 355 4165