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A guide to the cause and effect of damp in residential property

The health hazards and harm to property caused by damp

If you manage residential property you will be aware of the damage that can be caused by untreated damp to the building itself and to the health of occupants. 

Crumbling plaster and images of stained walls are often used to represent neglected properties in the media and reflect badly on landlords and property managers. But in reality it may be a simple case of not spotting signs early enough. The harm caused by damp spreads rapidly.

This Nuts & Bolts Training course is intended to provide people with the information they need in order to be able to deal with the issues quickly and effectively and help avoid more serious problems arising.

Candidates on this course are shown how to recognise signs of damp in a property as well as what the likely cause is and the various treatments available. Content includes the risks associated with untreated condensation and the importance of effective ventilation. The knowledge ensures participants are equipped with a good understanding of what to look out for during property inspections or when handling the reporting of repairs.

Course content

The following topics are covered in this programme:

  • What is damp?
  • Insight into buildings and the factors linked to condensation
  • Distribution of water in building materials – masonry and timber
  • Surface and interstitial condensation
  • Condensation assessment, control and impact
  • Measurement of air moisture, humidity and dew point readings
  • Rising damp
  • Chemical and physical damp proof courses (DPCs); the process including replastering
  • Salts in building materials
  • Measurement of moisture in timber and masonry
  • Timber decay and beetle damage.
  • The use of moisture meters
  • Hygroscopic salts and dampness.
  • Health factors and requirements in social housing
  • What’s new in legislation?
  • Further strategies for reducing condensation, damp and mould growth.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for property managers, tenant managers, housing officers, reception staff and anyone who visits or inspects properties or may be required to take a note of repairs either by phone or in person.

When and where are our courses held?

If you have eight or more participants our experienced tutors will come to your workplace to deliver any of our courses. For organisations with fewer than eight participants we run public courses on various dates throughout the year.

To book this course or for more information please call 0333 355 4165 or email info@nutsandboltstraining.co.uk