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As we become increasingly concerned that illnesses may be due to the home or work environment, an understanding of pests and toxins by property owners, landlords and their employees is of growing importance.

Such knowledge is critical to the diagnosis of potential pest-related damage and disease and is also necessary to authoritatively understand messages from regular extensive media coverage of cases, causes and genuine calls to action.

Benefits of the training

The Nuts and Bolts training course on pests and toxins will provide staff with the skills to identify different pests and effects of common toxins that cause problems to properties or individuals within them.  

The course also provides details of your responsibilities, and the effective commissioning of professional services as well as advises on current recommended treatments.Effective and appropriate recognition and action can help reduce the impact of pests as well as prevent bad publicity associated with such problems.  

In particular participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Why you need to know about bugs, beasts and birds that can cause problems

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Pests and your customers

  • Frontline scenarios: comments and complaints

  • Newspapers, media and myths

  • First aid

  • Hygiene, Personal protective equipment and handling

  • Commissioning and monitoring pest control treatments including choice of treatments

  • New developments in active ingredients, formulations and application techniques

Choice of the three of the following themes:

  • Rodents

  • Other Mammals

  • Bats

  • Slugs, snails, newts and snakes

  • Birds

  • Insects

  • Bacteria, Moulds and Fungi

 Who is it for?

This course is designed for all staff at different levels within organisations who work within properties that may be affected by pests or toxins.  


When and where are our courses held?

If you have ten or more participants our highly experienced tutors will come to your workplace to deliver any of our courses.

For those organisations that have less than ten participants we run public courses on various dates throughout the year.

Our next Pests and toxins in property course is scheduled for the summer of 2016. Click here to register your interest.

All public courses are held at the Institute of Arbitrators 12 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2LP.




To book this course or for more information please call 0333 355 4165 or email info@nutsandboltstraining.co.uk