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A guide to HHSRS - inspection and assessment

All rented homes must meet certain standards so they are safe and fit to live in. Local authorities use the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) to assess these standards.

Because the HHSRS has been in place for some time, new council or housing association staff may have missed the initial round of training while existing staff may benefit from a refresher course.

Our HHSRS courses 1 & 2 provide a full overview of the rating system. Course 1 gives a description of the standard and its implementation. Course 2 enables staff to demonstrate their competence in assessing properties to ensure a healthy environment that's free of hazards.

Improving property safety for tenants through the HHSRS

The Nuts & Bolts two day training course HHSRS – inspection and assessment gives candidates an up-to-date knowledge of the standards that underpin the rating system. It teaches them how to apply the HHSRS during property inspections. 

They will also learn about the requirements that relate to specific areas of buildings like fire safety, carbon monoxide, asbestos, condensation, electrical systems and appliances, heating, insulation and environmental hazards. 

Equipping your staff with this knowledge will help them to identify potential safety risks and reduce the chance of rented homes - either council, housing association or private dwellings - failing the decent homes standard. 

The course covers

  • An overview of HHSRS
  • The main points of the standard
  • Impact on activities
  • Why properties fail the HHSRS
  • A guide to inspecting properties for the HHSRS
  • Identification of hazards and calculating the hazard score
  • Assessing risks
  • A review of case studies and examples.

Training for council and housing association staff

This course will benefit managers responsible for staff who assess properties, housing officers, estate managers, environmental health officers or private property managers.

When and where are courses held?

If you have six or more participants our expert tutors will come to your workplace to deliver the course.

To book this course or for more information please call 0333 355 4165 or email info@nutsandboltstraining.co.uk