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Managing contracts and contractors

The importance of effective contract management

Anyone involved in housing and property management will know the importance of building a good relationship with contractors and understanding the nature of the contracts.

Staff oversights and a lack of communication can result in long delays to projects and increasing costs, as well as disruption, inconvenience and health and safety risks to tenants.   

An essential part of managing a contract is the ability to monitor performance to ensure budget and timescales are met while knowing the penalties and remedies available should performance fail to meet agreed standards. Knowledge of contract law also helps contract managers deal with a range of issues that may arise including those affecting the rights of tenants/occupiers.

Any organisation involved in managing and maintaining residential property will be hiring contractors for building work, either maintenance or construction. Staff with the right contract management skills know the components necessary to ensure a smooth-running contract. 

This course will help your workforce avoid the problems created by poorly-managed contracts and the negative impact they can have on an organisation’s reputation and budget.

Course content

The course covers:

  • Managing contractors and the benefit of good working relationships
  • Managing contractors’ performance and claim evaluation
  • Contract administration
  • Communicating with contractors and tenants
  • Understanding contract law and the principles of different types of contract
  • Effective procurement
  • Rights and responsibilities of client and contractor
  • Breach of contract – impacts and remedies.

Who is it for?

Anyone who manages or administers contracts and for staff who work directly with contractors. Candidates may come from a property, housing or construction background and will have some basic knowledge of contracts commonly in place in their industry.

When and where are our courses held?

If you have eight or more participants our tutors will come to your workplace to deliver any of our courses. For organisations with fewer than eight participants we run public courses on various dates throughout the year.

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